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Online Library Software ERP provides improved searching, customer account features, and includes new social options for tracking what you have read and borrowed..

Easy to Customize

This Software Contains A Complete Package of Software which is Scalable Customizable In All Kinds Of Devices Whether its A lappy ,Tab or Mobiles Phones.

Quality design

This Library Software has Designed by the by experinced experts and quality Analyst for the better perfomance to the users.

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Library Management Softwaref is useful for small scale library as well as big library to manage day to day transactions of library. It is very easy to use and cost effective software so easily affordable and maintainable by any size of lab. You can also maintains all type of expenses using this software.

Graphical Report

Graphical Report will show more Effective Appearance and presenting data in Managed way.

Good in Performance

Gives You the best performance .


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Future Ready

With Bootstrap, you get extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML elements, dozens of custom HTML and CSS components, and awesome jQuery pluginsBootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

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Easy to Customize Learn and Use

Online Library is equipped with computers for both adult and youth use. Computer use for adults and teens requires a valid library card and allows access for 2 hours per day. There are also 2 quick-use, 15 minute, terminals located on the main floor. Software provided includes a web browser, word processing and a PDF reader. On the lower floor, children 12 and younger have access to 2 bilingual Early Literacy Stations, 1 word processing / research station and 3 iPads full of fun and educational games. .

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Dedicated Support

The first time you log in to Library ERP, you will be asked to create a username. This username will also allow you to use the interactive features of the catalogue such as making lists, contributing reviews, comments and star ratings. Once you have registered, you can use your new username to log in, or you can continue using your Library card number to log in. You will be prompted for your PIN. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number..

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An integrated library system (ILS), also known as a library management system (LMS),It is an enterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.

Software Developed

By Qmarks

We welcome enquiries from college, school, commercial and private libraries looking to deploy Open Source Library Management Systems as a replacement for proprietary systems or as a start up

Software Developed

By Qmarks

No special installation is required on the user's device. All management functions are accessed with login and password and individual functions can be allowed or denied to any particular login name.

Software Developed

By Qmarks

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